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Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions of thermal plants

The reduction of carbon dioxide emissions of thermal plants is one of the key tasks in order to meet the challenges of climate change. In this regard, our products and services have been making a valuable contribution for many...[more]


Completion of R&D project "vTM"

At the end of the year 2019 GIWEP has completed the R&D project "vTM" (virtual temperature measurement technique) that has been subsidized by the "Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand"....[more]

Category: Research & Development


GIWEP Innovation Dialogue on 14th November, 2019

"Industrie 4.0" is still a widely discussed topic in the metals industry. In this context there is also the question about application of artificial intelligence for the optimization of production processes. Therefore...[more]

Category: Conferences


Retrospection to trade fair THERMPROCESS

The trade fair THERMPROCESS has also this time been a good opportunity to meet our customers and partners and to discuss the actual trends with them. Many of the talks have been influenced by the actual big issues digitization...[more]

Category: Exhibitions


GIWEP on the trade fair THERMPROCESS

In line with the THERMPROCESS trade fair there will be a panel discussion on 25th June about the challenges for the thermal process technology in reaching the Paris climate goals for the year 2050. The discussion is organized by...[more]

Category: Exhibitions


GIWEP on the trade fair THERMPROCESS

From 25th to 29th June 2019 the trade fair THERMPROCESS again takes place in Duesseldorf.  The stand of the Forschungsgemeinschaft Industrieofenbau e.V. (FOGI) in hall 10 / C04 presents the institutes which research in the...[more]


GIWEP Thermophysical Properties Database

Reliable thermophysical properties are very important for the design, evalulation and control of thermal processes. Therefore, the GIWEP Thermophysical Properties Database is continuously maintained and completed. The database...[more]

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