Gesellschaft für industrielle Wärme, Energie- und Prozeßtechnik m.b.H.

Process Monitoring Systems

Our process monitoring systems are using process data from the basic automation system as well as primary data of heating stocks from other sources in order to calculate heating stock related temperature curves by using a thermal model. There will be no process intervention. Process related data will be archived and provided to the user for documentation and analysis of the production process. The processing of information from diverse systems turns our process monitoring systems to valuable tools for the complete documentation of production, quality assurance and quality improvement.

The hardware base always consists of current PC technology comprising the process control software which has been created by us in C++, C# or Java.

Integrated in the automation structure of the plant the process control systems belong to level-2-systems. The data exchange with other systems (e. g. basic automation, level-3-systems, production planning systems etc.) will be realized via network.

The visualization of process control system informs the operator on current process situation.

Via password protected user levels technological and administrative system modifications can be made and process results can be evaluated.

Furthermore, there is the possibility to integrate an offline-model for simulation of a production process, using the same model core as the online-model. It can be used for planning and optimization of the production process.

Due to modular construction our process control systems can be adapted to current plant configuration and functionally extended at any time.