Gesellschaft für industrielle Wärme, Energie- und Prozeßtechnik m.b.H.


Since the end of the 1980s we are developing and implementing – at that time as one of the first companies – PC-based systems for optimization of thermal-metallurgical plants and are one of the leading companies in this sector by today. Last but not least owing to its’ horizontal and vertical integration into the existing automation structure of the plants and the close networking with the systems involved in the process, even today our systems contribute significantly to achieve the objectives of Industrie 4.0.

We distinguish between systems observing the process online at the plant and control it, if necessary and offline models which calculate and simulate thermal-metallurgical processes without direct process connection.

In the course of the years a large number of thermal-metallurgical plants of steel and nonferrous metal industry worldwide have been equipped with GIWEP process control systems – from reheating furnaces, heat treatment furnaces and melting furnaces up to cooling plants. The end products which are produced in these plants are profiles, semi-finished products, seamless tubes, plate, steel bars, wires, hot strip, cold strip and others.

When implementing our systems, among others improvements regarding energy and ressource efficiency, product quality, plant throughput and process documentation. will be achieved.

Each of our process control systems will be designed according to individual requirements of plant, products to be processed as well as requests of our customers.