Gesellschaft für industrielle Wärme, Energie- und Prozeßtechnik m.b.H.


Network ZENIT e. V.

ZENIT e. V. is an exclusive forum and meanwhile represents about 200 enterprises with more than 50.000 employees. It offers the opportunity to exert a direct influence on the economic and technology policy of North Rhine Westphalia, provides information on the German and European business landscape and mediates contacts to fellow entrepreneurs and the financial community. In 1984 the constantly growing network ZENIT e. V. has been founded and it holds the same rights as the other two shareholders of ZENIT GmbH, i. e. the state of North Rhine Westphalia and a consortium of banks. GIWEP is a partner in the Netzwerk ZENIT e. V. and Dr.-Ing. Meister represents the company's interests as a member of the board.

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FOGI - Research Association of Industrial Furnace Manufactuers

In 1967 the Research Association of Industrial Furnace Manufacturers - FOGI - was founded by the member companies of the Thermo Process Technology Association (TPT) within VDMA.

The 20 member companies are working in the fields of heating, melting and casting of metals, heat and surface treatment of metals, ceramics and glass and combustion technology.

Research agencies are twelve well-known university research institutes, universities of applied sciences as well as private institutes in the fields of energy-, heat-, process- and combustions technology.

FOGI's research focuses are the development and the optimization of thermo process technical procedures and plants by cooperative industrial research.

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Universität Duisburg-Essen

The university of Duisburg-Essen (UDE) is located at the heart of the densest university landscape in Europe. Established in 2003, it is one of the ten largest universities in Germany. It is the result of the merger of two predecessor institutions, the universities of Duisburg and Essen, which were founded in 1972.

Acquiring and disseminating comprehensive research and development results, the optimization of interfaces and energy-efficient potential in all sub-areas are at the focus of the co-operation activities between the UDE and GIWEP. GIWEP works closely together above all with the Foundry Institute. 

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